Top 10 Things to Do in Berlin


What are the top 10 things to do in Berlin? Frankly, this isn’t an easy decision. That’s because, there is indeed a lot to see and do in this German city. Abandoned airports, amusement parks, beer museums, historic sites…you can pick from so many. If you are visiting Berlin for the first time, then here are the top 10 things you shouldn’t miss.

Berlin Wall Memorial – The Berlin Wall is no more, but you can learn about its history, the division of the country, and the eventual unification at the memorial. See a film in the information center on how the wall was constructed and then climb up to the view tower to look at the stretches of wall that still stand.

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) – This is among the most famous landmarks in Germany and it’s a Berlin icon. It has been a symbol of war, peace, terror, and victory. The gate now stands as testimony to the unification of Germany and is the spot where US President Ronald Reagan stood and declared, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Berlin Television Tower – Locals call this the Fernsehturm. At a height of 368 meters, it is the tallest building in Berlin and it’s visible from everywhere. Make the effort to climb up to the tower and you’ll find a beautiful, 360 degree panoramic view of Berlin.

River Cruise – Cruising the River Spree is a unique way to see Berlin. It is nice and relaxing as you see some of the famous city landmarks on the banks.

Jewish Museum – You can learn about the history of the Jewish community of Germany in this museum, as well as their contributions to the country. There are exhibits of the harrowing Holocaust memories. It’s a must visit.

Gendarmenmarkt – This is a beautiful square near Friedrichstraße, which is the most exclusive shopping area in Berlin. You will surely be impressed with the architecture of the buildings. Check out the French and German Cathedrals (Französischer Dom and Deutscher Dom) and the Concert House.

Charlottenburg Palace – This German palace is close to the Berlin city center. You will definitely like the palace garden if you are not up for the long walks inside the palace corridors. You might want to spend some time at the Charlottenburg museum too, which sits just opposite the palace.

Egyptian Museum – Locals call this Berlin museum the Papyrussammlung and the Agyptische Museum. Of course it’s not as grand as the museum in Cairo, but the papyrus and Egyptian art collection is impressive. See the Berlin Green Head and the Queen Nefertiti bust.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – This is certainly among the most famous orchestras worldwide, and you don’t want to miss it. The interior of the concert hall is striking and its seating arrangement was revolutionary at the time it opened. Lunchtime concerts are free on Tuesdays.

Beer drinking – You have got to savor the beer when you visit Germany. There are many famous pubs and bars you could head to for trying some authentic German beer.

barcelona-restaurant-blanc-2 (3)

The Most Popular Hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most-visited cities in Europe, popular for both business and leisure travel. It’s not surprising, really. The city has some stunning architecture from world famous artists and some fantastic squares. Barcelona is the gateway to southern Spain and many Mediterranean cruises depart from the port here. There are hundreds of hotels here of all sizes and classes. The best hotels in Barcelona are located close to the promenade, offering very good views of the sea. Rightly so, as the view is indeed spectacular, night or day! But which one is the most popular hotel in Barcelona? That’s a difficult decision, as there are indeed some very good ones out there.

Here are three fantastic hotels in the city. You can choose from any one of them. They are all very popular among both leisure and business travelers.

Hotel Majestic


If there is one Barcelona hotel that stands tall among all others, it’s Hotel Majestic. It sits majestically in two very famous buildings – Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. The history of this property goes back to more than 90 years. A chandelier and grand columns will lead you to its bar, lobby lounge, and piano room. The guest rooms showcase the history of the place, though they have been renovated recently to suit the modern-day traveler. Stand on the balcony and you can see the Barcelona promenade while the rooftop lounge and pool offer stunning views of Passeig de Gràcia and La Sagrada Familia.

Casa Camper

CasaCamper9 001The location of this hotel in Barcelona is so popular. It is a hotel in Raval, where there are many fine restaurants and bars. Casa Camper is very close to Las Ramblas, the Centre of Contemporary Culture, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is the perfect place to see some of the main attractions of Barcelona. There is a private mini lounge with each room and the walls are painted in blood red. This one is certainly a fun and quirky place.

Mandarin Oriental

barcelona-restaurant-blanc-2 (3)

Those who want a nice and unhurried vacation in Barcelona often pick the Mandarin Oriental. The service is impeccable and the vibe remains tranquil and relaxed always. It has become a popular Barcelona hotel among many city visitors also because of its exceptional breakfast spread. The rooftop pool offers very good views, as do the rooms overlooking the Passeig de Gràcia.

Choosing the Right Hotel in Prague for Any Budget

Kings Court Hotel Prague

Prague provides its visitors with various accommodation options that range from motels, camp sites, and hostels to five-star hotels. Some of the places for accommodation from which you can choose to stay in Prague are:

If you are tight on budget, you can stay in hostels and houses offering lodging options. These cost-effective options help you in enjoying the beauty of Prague in the same way as if you are staying in any luxurious hotel. Hostels in Prague can be found in both the main city as well as town outskirts. These hostels do not offer much luxury or services, but you’ll get a cheap bed and use of a bathroom (though in most cases, it’ll be shared).  The rooms have a common TV facility and a common study room.

Prague is a place full of campsites that offer another cheap option for staying. These accommodations in tents or caravans are pocket-friendly but due care is taken to maintain high quality hygiene standards. These Prague camping options are situated in beautiful and superb settings having various recreational facilities.

You can also stay in apartments in Prague, providing a family setting with sports or cultural activities as well. You’ll find various services ranging from satellite TV, bars, and safe deposit boxes. If you are driving all day and want to relax during night, motels in the vicinity can be the best option to stay.

The Czech capital city of Prague is a host many luxurious hotels usually rated four or five star. If budget isn’t one of your biggest concerns, these Prague luxury hotels provide you with ultimate luxury and make your stay exceptional.  Some wonderful luxury hotels in Prague include Hotel Esplanade, Jalta Hotel, and Hotel Kings Court.

Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum


Location: Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 2-4, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a rich Jewish history, which is represented by many of the sites that can be visited, such as the Anne Frank House, but if you are looking for a single location that can give you a sense of the history of Judaism in Amsterdam, then you must visit the Jewish Historical Museum.  The museum itself is located in one of the historical four Ashkenazi synagogues located in the center of the old Jewish quarter of the city.

The synagogues alone, built in the late 17th century, make the trip worthwhile, and have been fully restored to their condition before the World War II. The museum contains a permanent exhibit that details the role of the Jewish religion and traditions in Amsterdam, as well as life stories dealing with the persecution of Jews during the Second World War.

There are also a number of temporary exhibits, which cover all areas of Jewish religion and culture, including the Jewish arts, writing, and even the food.  There are also a number of exhibits that are specifically tailored for children that will help them to better understand the relevance and impact of Judaism in Amsterdam.

Top Things to Do in Florence


Florence is one of the favorite cities of Italy and is particularly famous for its historic architecture. You can enjoy a lot in Florence as there is a huge variety of activities to pursue. There are beautiful gardens, palazzos, cathedrals, and museums that are crowded by visitors. Most of these places are designed by famous architects.

It is a famous cathedral. The exterior of this construction is in green, white, and pink marble. This cathedral has beautiful statues and is therefore considered to be great work of art.

Galleria dell’ Accademia
This is a famous gallery, which consists of many sculptures and paintings of a particular era (13th-16th centuries), including Michelangelo’s David. The gallery provides you with a good collection of musical gadgets to observe as well.

Top Squares in Florence
There are some amazing squares in Florence, which are definitely worth a visit. Many of these squares are similar to outdoor museums with tremendous artwork drawing in the tourists like bees to honey.  Check out Piazza della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo, and Piazza del Duomo for some fantastic architecture and wonderful people-watching.

Uffizi Gallery
This is one of the most popular galleries in Florence. It is good to hang around in this place while observing one of the nicest collections of Italian paintings.

In Florence, there are several places where you can go for wine tasting. You would be highly pleased with the customer service, as the staff working in the wineries in Florence are really incredible and known for their hospitality and expertise.  Be sure to taste some Chianti Classico produced in the surrounding area.

The restaurants, cafes, and bakeries of Florence allow you to enjoy delicious food. Apart from other activities, enjoying a variety of dishes is also a great experience. Furthermore, people enjoy eating gelato in Florence. Gelato shops are spread throughout the city.
Florence is overall an amalgamation of different attractions.

When to Visit London

Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran performs in Hyde Park

If you are planning to visit London, then summer is the ideal time to do it. Summer in London is the busiest season, drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists to see the city’s biggest sights.

July in London is normally sunny and the city is preparing itself for the City of London Festival of theater and music, the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, and summer concerts in Hyde Park. August in London is the most active month of the year, during which the Notting Hill Carnival that attracts millions of people from all over the world.

You can also visit London in autumn, when it’s still warm and dry. London theaters host many new shows and a lot of events take place. September in London is perhaps the best option, as October and November in London are often gloomy and dull, and not the best time for London sightseeing.

London in winter is also not bad. There is no snow and the weather is not as cold as in many other countries. The Christmas time in London is near and everybody is found in a very cheerful mood. The city looks even better if it doesn’t rain. It’s also a good option to travel to London after December as the hotel prices drop drastically.

You should stay in central London, regardless of the time of your visit, in order to avoid the hassles of traveling long distances and wasting time while traveling underground.

You don’t need to search for the best time to visit London because London is worth visiting throughout the entire year.

Fantastic Budget Hotels in Rome


Rome is one of the top destinations that travelers love to visit. It has everything a tourist would want in a vacation spot. Rome has history, fashion, art, food, and numerous types of entertainment venues. You go to Rome and you come back feeling like you took a trip back in time with all the Roman ruins you see. The Colosseum alone leaves an imprint, as does the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Since travelling can be expensive we thought you’d like to know about some of Rome’s central and budget hotels.

These five budget hotels in Rome are great choices for those who are looking to save some money, but maintain all services and amenities. From all of them you can walk to many main squares and sites, plus public transportation being nearby. This second characteristic also saves you money, by giving you the option of cheap modes of Rome transportation.

Hotel Accademia in Rome has 75 guest rooms with en suite bathroom, A/C, mini-bar, toiletries and all other needed amenities. The Rome hotel near the Trevi Fountain provides an optimal location for seeing Rome. Your mornings can start with an American buffet breakfast and for dinner there is a nearby Grill and Wine Restaurant. Guests can get complimentary vouchers to eat here at the hotel.

Torre Rossa Park Hotel near Cornelia metro station is a short metro ride away from the historical center. The cheap Rome hotel has 250 guest rooms with private bathroom, A/C, satellite TV, and more. Internet is available at an extra charge and for dining the hotel has Il Borgo restaurant where you can try traditional Italian cuisine.

Smart hotel, a new central hotel near Rome Termini Station, features the most advanced technology, including a PowerTV, which is an entertainment, infotainment, and utility hotspot right in your Rome hotel room. Watch a movie, find out what time the Colosseum opens, see your hotel bill—all from the comfort of your own room.  With the close proximity to Termini station, you’ll be able to reach all of Rome’s biggest attractions in no time!

Bettoja Hotel in Rome is a classic style hotel that dates back to 1930, but is up to date when it comes to the amenities and services required in today’s age. Guest rooms have mini-bar, Wi-Fi, A/C and TV, as well as en suite bathroom. The lobby bar is great for a snack or drink, as well as an espresso. This budget Rome hotel is near the Termini station and Piazza della Repubblica, putting you in the best spot to move around both by foot or metro.

Last, but not least, look at the hotel alternative Hotel Metropolis, a boutique hotel in Rome near the Vatican. Guest rooms are modernly decorated and feature top-notch amenities, and the suite features an in-room Jacuzzi.  Located in the trendy Prati neighborhood, this Rome boutique hotel is just down the street from the Lepanto metro station and right across the river from Piazza del Popolo.