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Paris is located in northern France and is situated on the River Seine with two smaller islands. It is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe and has population of nearly 12 million people. Paris visits 30 million foreign visitors every year, since its one of the most popular tourist destinations, with its many attractions. One of Paris nicknames is “The City of Light”, because it was one of the first City’s with Street Lights. The City has many museums and monuments, which attract many curious tourists and students, to have a look at its history.

The Climate rarely changes, but you can expect sudden rainfalls at any time of the year. The most famous landmark in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, which attracts many tourists. Many tourists visit the beautiful gardens that spread on the banks of the River Seine. For entertainment you can visit operas, theaters, concert halls, dance halls, cinemas and Cafes. Paris is a great destination for couples who enjoy walking the streets at night, because of its many lights attractions. It is the city of romance and entertainment, and everyone who visited it will have god memories about the city itself and its many attractions.