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The Best Time to Visit Athens

AthensAthens is a wonderful city with history, culture and entertainment.  The best time to visit really all depends on you.  If you like crowds, warm and hot weather, a vibrant night life and so on; you should go in the summer months (June to August).  This is the time of year where children, teens and adults are out of school or college and those who work as well.  In Europe the summer months are a guaranteed two week vacation so you will see plenty of tourists from that area.  If you prefer quiet and less crowded the rest of the year is your best choice, except for holidays of course.  Keep in mind that the winter months start from about November until February.  If you don’t want to be on vacation with winds, rain and cold you might want to opt out of those months. You just need to choose your dates and book the best hotel in Athens. Have fun!



Top Athens Sites

AthensAthens is a one of those tourist cities that has everything.  You can find amazing beaches, relax, night clubs and pubs, great food, and historical sites.  History, architecture and artefact lovers can find so many sites that feed their curiosity and love for Greek culture and remains.  One of the first sites that needs mentioning is the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  These remains are a standing symbol of Greek history and tales, as well as standing in a spot that gives you one of the most panoramic views over the city.  The National Archaeological Museum is where you should go next.  Expect to spend at least a couple hours in it and see a collection of artefacts from the Cycladic Island, Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.  Other sites you should try to see are the Temple of Poseidon, Piraeus Archaeological Museum, Nautical Museum and Lycabettus Hill.