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Top Things to Do in Florence


Florence is one of the favorite cities of Italy and is particularly famous for its historic architecture. You can enjoy a lot in Florence as there is a huge variety of activities to pursue. There are beautiful gardens, palazzos, cathedrals, and museums that are crowded by visitors. Most of these places are designed by famous architects.

It is a famous cathedral. The exterior of this construction is in green, white, and pink marble. This cathedral has beautiful statues and is therefore considered to be great work of art.

Galleria dell’ Accademia
This is a famous gallery, which consists of many sculptures and paintings of a particular era (13th-16th centuries), including Michelangelo’s David. The gallery provides you with a good collection of musical gadgets to observe as well.

Top Squares in Florence
There are some amazing squares in Florence, which are definitely worth a visit. Many of these squares are similar to outdoor museums with tremendous artwork drawing in the tourists like bees to honey.  Check out Piazza della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo, and Piazza del Duomo for some fantastic architecture and wonderful people-watching.

Uffizi Gallery
This is one of the most popular galleries in Florence. It is good to hang around in this place while observing one of the nicest collections of Italian paintings.

In Florence, there are several places where you can go for wine tasting. You would be highly pleased with the customer service, as the staff working in the wineries in Florence are really incredible and known for their hospitality and expertise.  Be sure to taste some Chianti Classico produced in the surrounding area.

The restaurants, cafes, and bakeries of Florence allow you to enjoy delicious food. Apart from other activities, enjoying a variety of dishes is also a great experience. Furthermore, people enjoy eating gelato in Florence. Gelato shops are spread throughout the city.
Florence is overall an amalgamation of different attractions.


Fantastic Budget Hotels in Rome


Rome is one of the top destinations that travelers love to visit. It has everything a tourist would want in a vacation spot. Rome has history, fashion, art, food, and numerous types of entertainment venues. You go to Rome and you come back feeling like you took a trip back in time with all the Roman ruins you see. The Colosseum alone leaves an imprint, as does the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Since travelling can be expensive we thought you’d like to know about some of Rome’s central and budget hotels.

These five budget hotels in Rome are great choices for those who are looking to save some money, but maintain all services and amenities. From all of them you can walk to many main squares and sites, plus public transportation being nearby. This second characteristic also saves you money, by giving you the option of cheap modes of Rome transportation.

Hotel Accademia in Rome has 75 guest rooms with en suite bathroom, A/C, mini-bar, toiletries and all other needed amenities. The Rome hotel near the Trevi Fountain provides an optimal location for seeing Rome. Your mornings can start with an American buffet breakfast and for dinner there is a nearby Grill and Wine Restaurant. Guests can get complimentary vouchers to eat here at the hotel.

Torre Rossa Park Hotel near Cornelia metro station is a short metro ride away from the historical center. The cheap Rome hotel has 250 guest rooms with private bathroom, A/C, satellite TV, and more. Internet is available at an extra charge and for dining the hotel has Il Borgo restaurant where you can try traditional Italian cuisine.

Smart hotel, a new central hotel near Rome Termini Station, features the most advanced technology, including a PowerTV, which is an entertainment, infotainment, and utility hotspot right in your Rome hotel room. Watch a movie, find out what time the Colosseum opens, see your hotel bill—all from the comfort of your own room.  With the close proximity to Termini station, you’ll be able to reach all of Rome’s biggest attractions in no time!

Bettoja Hotel in Rome is a classic style hotel that dates back to 1930, but is up to date when it comes to the amenities and services required in today’s age. Guest rooms have mini-bar, Wi-Fi, A/C and TV, as well as en suite bathroom. The lobby bar is great for a snack or drink, as well as an espresso. This budget Rome hotel is near the Termini station and Piazza della Repubblica, putting you in the best spot to move around both by foot or metro.

Last, but not least, look at the hotel alternative Hotel Metropolis, a boutique hotel in Rome near the Vatican. Guest rooms are modernly decorated and feature top-notch amenities, and the suite features an in-room Jacuzzi.  Located in the trendy Prati neighborhood, this Rome boutique hotel is just down the street from the Lepanto metro station and right across the river from Piazza del Popolo.

Restaurants in Rome


Eating in Rome. There is nothing more culinary famous than Rome in the world! The city has a well known, and great, reputation when it comes to food recipes or traditions. Food on its own is considered one of the great pleasures of every day life in Rome. Although depends mainly on simple dishes and primitive ingredients, Rome cuisine has a strong taste.

The good news for food lovers visiting Rome is that restaurants in Rome are quite cheap! Compared to other European cities, regardless of the fame of their cuisines, having lunch or dinner is usually much less expensive.

Restaurants in Rome are divided into categories according to their prices range. Also, you can find particular price ranges in particular places so you don’t have to walk much in search for a restaurant that meets your budget, or taste!


Rome is the capital city of Italy and is the country’s largest and most populated city, with around 2.7 million people. Its metropolitan area around the city has a population of about 4 million residents. The city is located in the central-western region of Italy, close to two rivers Aniene and Timber. Some say Rome is “The Capital of the World” and its nickname is “The Eternal City” since it is the seat of Catholic Church and the centre of Western civilization. For a tourist attraction is Rome the third most-visited city destination inside the Europe.

Rome is a city of political and cultural importance and its historic center is listed as a World Heritage Site. Many visitors come to see the pope and to visit the cathedrals if there is a festival. Its legend says that Rome was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus and was ruled by seven kings through the history to its glory today. There are many attractions in Rome; one of them is the Colosseum witch was able to seat 60.000 visitors in its glorious time. The city has many museums and galleries, where tourists can see many things from ages of Renaissance and Baroque. In the middle of Rome lies the Vatican City, which is a small separate sovereign state.