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Typical dishes in Lisbon

LisbonTourists who come to Lisbon know they are going to see sites and relax, but they will also want to taste typical dishes of this area.  Any place you visit, should have gastronomic exploration as well.  Unless you are that picky of an eater there are some things you will want to taste while you are in Lisbon.  Due to the fact that Portugal is predominately a seafaring nation it is assured that you will find an array of fresh fish and shellfish dishes.  In addition to exquisite seafood dishes the Portuguese like to mix spices and flavors.  Some of the most popular dishes that you will want to try include grilled sardines, which is especially favored in the summer and on their saints’ celebration.  Snacks that you will find in small taverns are things like boiled snails and deep fried green beans.  This last dish, even though most often imported, is salted codfish.  Salted codfish known as bacalhau is considered the national dish and served as a tradition during the Christmas season with olive oil, potatoes and cabbage.