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Food and traditions in Madrid

MadridThe Spanish cuisine was acquired from various cultural influences that include the Roman, Jewish and Arab traditions.  At the same time every region, town and city adapted their unique spin, like it happens in most countries.  Something is added, something taken away from and so on.  You can be sure that most foods will at one point or another include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beans and ham.  In Madrid one traditional and favored food includes the “jamon”, ham from the Iberian pig.  This type of ham is darker and with a more distinct flavour than usual ham.  The second food to try that is typical of this area is the bull’s tail.  In addition to these you will have the chance to taste local dishes when you go out for drinks.  In Madrid when you order drinks at a bar they will bring you “tapas” too.  “Tapas” are snack foods that will include local preferred dishes.  Something sweet that is also unique to Madrid is churros with hot chocolate.  This is a must try and the oldest and most renowned place to go for this is the Chocolaterìa San Ginés.


For fashion lovers in Madrid

Attention to all fashion lovers! That’s a fair that you can’t miss when you visit Madrid!

Madrid International Fashion Fair is being held in Madrid during the month of July, this year it will be held between July16th to 18th at Feria de Madrid.

Madrid International Fashion Fair is where quality and variety go hand-in-hand on the runway! It’s one of those fairs where business mixes with pleasure. It will be held at Feria de Madrid from 16 to 18 July 2009.

There you could enjoy the outcome of the participation of many international companies on each edition of the fair.Such yearly participation confirmed the event as one of the leading centers for business within the world of fashion.

Of course there’s a strong presence of neighboring European brands. Many European countries like Portugal, France & Italy come to speak one language in Spain which happened to be not Spanish or English, it’s fahsionish!

World-wide brands also participate heavily with their latest trends. Designers from Latin American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico compete with their European colleagues to reach the goal of leading the world fashion trends.

Breakfast in Madrid


Enjoy the “Desayuno” in your travel to Madrid. The typical breakfast in Madrid consists of white coffee and buttered or oiled toast (Spanish Breakfast Foods) . Any traveler will surely see that the “madrileño” or the people of Madrid has a passion for the slender, curly fingers called “churros” or the larger “porras”. Also, there’s a typical midmorning snack! It is usually a slice of omlet, but the Spanish way!


Madrid, Palacio Liria



Palacio Liria is a 18th century architectural gem, faithfully rebuilt after its destruction during the Spanish Civil War. This sumptuous neoclassical palace is barely visible from the famous Calle Princesa, because of the growth of its English landscape garden. Commissioned by King Felipe V’s favorite, the Conde Duque de Olivares, Palacio Liria has been the residence of the House of Alba for the last two centuries.
In order to visit Palacio Liria, a special appointment is needed. Inside Palacio Liria there is one of the most important private collections of Spain, with paintings by El Greco, Titian, Fray Engélico and Velasquez.