Fantastic Budget Hotels in Rome


Rome is one of the top destinations that travelers love to visit. It has everything a tourist would want in a vacation spot. Rome has history, fashion, art, food, and numerous types of entertainment venues. You go to Rome and you come back feeling like you took a trip back in time with all the Roman ruins you see. The Colosseum alone leaves an imprint, as does the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Since travelling can be expensive we thought you’d like to know about some of Rome’s central and budget hotels.

These five budget hotels in Rome are great choices for those who are looking to save some money, but maintain all services and amenities. From all of them you can walk to many main squares and sites, plus public transportation being nearby. This second characteristic also saves you money, by giving you the option of cheap modes of Rome transportation.

Hotel Accademia in Rome has 75 guest rooms with en suite bathroom, A/C, mini-bar, toiletries and all other needed amenities. The Rome hotel near the Trevi Fountain provides an optimal location for seeing Rome. Your mornings can start with an American buffet breakfast and for dinner there is a nearby Grill and Wine Restaurant. Guests can get complimentary vouchers to eat here at the hotel.

Torre Rossa Park Hotel near Cornelia metro station is a short metro ride away from the historical center. The cheap Rome hotel has 250 guest rooms with private bathroom, A/C, satellite TV, and more. Internet is available at an extra charge and for dining the hotel has Il Borgo restaurant where you can try traditional Italian cuisine.

Smart hotel, a new central hotel near Rome Termini Station, features the most advanced technology, including a PowerTV, which is an entertainment, infotainment, and utility hotspot right in your Rome hotel room. Watch a movie, find out what time the Colosseum opens, see your hotel bill—all from the comfort of your own room.  With the close proximity to Termini station, you’ll be able to reach all of Rome’s biggest attractions in no time!

Bettoja Hotel in Rome is a classic style hotel that dates back to 1930, but is up to date when it comes to the amenities and services required in today’s age. Guest rooms have mini-bar, Wi-Fi, A/C and TV, as well as en suite bathroom. The lobby bar is great for a snack or drink, as well as an espresso. This budget Rome hotel is near the Termini station and Piazza della Repubblica, putting you in the best spot to move around both by foot or metro.

Last, but not least, look at the hotel alternative Hotel Metropolis, a boutique hotel in Rome near the Vatican. Guest rooms are modernly decorated and feature top-notch amenities, and the suite features an in-room Jacuzzi.  Located in the trendy Prati neighborhood, this Rome boutique hotel is just down the street from the Lepanto metro station and right across the river from Piazza del Popolo.


Travel Tips for Exploring Barcelona


Barcelona is a city of magnificence and beauty and it should be on every traveler’s must-see list. To make your travel to Barcelona enjoyable and memorable you should follow certain travel tips that will guide you in a better way and inform you about touring in Barcelona. First, you should come prepared with the information about the places you want to visit. If you don’t come prepared you may lose your way half-way through the trip, or may find yourself stranded and spoiled with too many options but not enough time. So, it is imperative to have an overview and a plan about the places you intend to visit.

The routes that lead to the tourist attractions are all motorable or traversable. The options of travel are bus, taxi, hired transport or Metro Lines. You should opt for the Metro lines as they cut across most of the Catalonia and you will quickly reach your destinations. Tour buses are also an option, but they may get boring and monotonous after a while, and you may not be able to let loose and fully enjoy the surroundings while on a tour bus.

But above all, the biggest challenge while touring Barcelona is steering yourself safe of pickpockets and scams. Barcelona has an infamous reputation for tourists getting robbed and swindled. So, it’s important that you don’t keep much cash with you and that you never leave your luggage or belongings out of sight while travelling. Moreover, don’t fall for the con-men who may try to deceive you into “magic tricks.” Visit the city equipped with enough information that can make your journey smooth and successful. The last thing you need is you being stranded in the middle of a square with a map in hand and asking for directions from unknown people.

The Best Time to Visit Athens

AthensAthens is a wonderful city with history, culture and entertainment.  The best time to visit really all depends on you.  If you like crowds, warm and hot weather, a vibrant night life and so on; you should go in the summer months (June to August).  This is the time of year where children, teens and adults are out of school or college and those who work as well.  In Europe the summer months are a guaranteed two week vacation so you will see plenty of tourists from that area.  If you prefer quiet and less crowded the rest of the year is your best choice, except for holidays of course.  Keep in mind that the winter months start from about November until February.  If you don’t want to be on vacation with winds, rain and cold you might want to opt out of those months. You just need to choose your dates and book the best hotel in Athens. Have fun!


Food and traditions in Madrid

MadridThe Spanish cuisine was acquired from various cultural influences that include the Roman, Jewish and Arab traditions.  At the same time every region, town and city adapted their unique spin, like it happens in most countries.  Something is added, something taken away from and so on.  You can be sure that most foods will at one point or another include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beans and ham.  In Madrid one traditional and favored food includes the “jamon”, ham from the Iberian pig.  This type of ham is darker and with a more distinct flavour than usual ham.  The second food to try that is typical of this area is the bull’s tail.  In addition to these you will have the chance to taste local dishes when you go out for drinks.  In Madrid when you order drinks at a bar they will bring you “tapas” too.  “Tapas” are snack foods that will include local preferred dishes.  Something sweet that is also unique to Madrid is churros with hot chocolate.  This is a must try and the oldest and most renowned place to go for this is the Chocolaterìa San Ginés.

Top Athens Sites

AthensAthens is a one of those tourist cities that has everything.  You can find amazing beaches, relax, night clubs and pubs, great food, and historical sites.  History, architecture and artefact lovers can find so many sites that feed their curiosity and love for Greek culture and remains.  One of the first sites that needs mentioning is the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  These remains are a standing symbol of Greek history and tales, as well as standing in a spot that gives you one of the most panoramic views over the city.  The National Archaeological Museum is where you should go next.  Expect to spend at least a couple hours in it and see a collection of artefacts from the Cycladic Island, Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.  Other sites you should try to see are the Temple of Poseidon, Piraeus Archaeological Museum, Nautical Museum and Lycabettus Hill.

Typical dishes in Lisbon

LisbonTourists who come to Lisbon know they are going to see sites and relax, but they will also want to taste typical dishes of this area.  Any place you visit, should have gastronomic exploration as well.  Unless you are that picky of an eater there are some things you will want to taste while you are in Lisbon.  Due to the fact that Portugal is predominately a seafaring nation it is assured that you will find an array of fresh fish and shellfish dishes.  In addition to exquisite seafood dishes the Portuguese like to mix spices and flavors.  Some of the most popular dishes that you will want to try include grilled sardines, which is especially favored in the summer and on their saints’ celebration.  Snacks that you will find in small taverns are things like boiled snails and deep fried green beans.  This last dish, even though most often imported, is salted codfish.  Salted codfish known as bacalhau is considered the national dish and served as a tradition during the Christmas season with olive oil, potatoes and cabbage.