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Some Events in Athens

Greece is a very rich country indeed. The people there try to maintain their great cultural reputation that they gained throughout history by holding many events through the year that serves art and culture in many ways.

Since Athens has a lot of events, I preferred to pick up some of these events and tell you a bit about each:

Hellenic Festival:


hellenic fest hellenic festival


The Hellenic Festival is a big one, it takes place in Athen’s  Herodes Atticus Theatre and offers a large range of performances. You can attend modern and ancient theatres, watch magnificent ballet shows, listen to different music like opera, jazz, classical and symphonic music. Many great singers from Greece and all over the worldparticipate as well in this very special event. You can catch the festival from June 2 to September 28.

International Jazz & Blues Festival:


international festival athens intrnational jazz and blues festival


Another festival for music lovers! The International Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in June at the Theatre of Lycabettus, the same theater which also welcomes every year many other events such as music, dances and theatrical performances from local and international performers.