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For fashion lovers in Madrid

Attention to all fashion lovers! That’s a fair that you can’t miss when you visit Madrid!

Madrid International Fashion Fair is being held in Madrid during the month of July, this year it will be held between July16th to 18th at Feria de Madrid.

Madrid International Fashion Fair is where quality and variety go hand-in-hand on the runway! It’s one of those fairs where business mixes with pleasure. It will be held at Feria de Madrid from 16 to 18 July 2009.

There you could enjoy the outcome of the participation of many international companies on each edition of the fair.Such yearly participation confirmed the event as one of the leading centers for business within the world of fashion.

Of course there’s a strong presence of neighboring European brands. Many European countries like Portugal, France & Italy come to speak one language in Spain which happened to be not Spanish or English, it’s fahsionish!

World-wide brands also participate heavily with their latest trends. Designers from Latin American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico compete with their European colleagues to reach the goal of leading the world fashion trends.