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The Best Irish Pubs in Dublin


Dublin is the capital of Ireland and also the country’s largest city. This is also the pub capital of the country, meaning that wherever you go, you will likely find a pub. They are located in some of the smallest city corners and the most happening shopping districts. These pubs are much more than simple watering holes. You will often find folk musicians thrilling the crowds there. Visiting Dublin and not going to one of these pubs is like going to Italy and not trying pizza.

Here are the best Irish pubs in Dublin:

The Brazen Head – This Irish pub claims to be the oldest in the country, and very well may be considering that it was established in 1198. You will see history everywhere—especially since famous literary and historical figures like James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, Brendan Behan, Robert Emmet, and others have had a pint here. Don’t miss the fantastic music shows here.

O’Donoghue’s – This is the place for some serious Irish folk music. The famous ballad and folk group of Ireland the Dubliners launched their career here. So some of the musicians you see performing now could become famous one day, too. You should certainly come here if you like folk music, but keep in mind that it can be crowded, particularly during peak tourist season.

Stag’s Head – This was the first pub in Dublin to have electricity. It’s been famous for the last 140 years. Its mahogany bar with the red marble top, glass windows, and leather chairs make it among the most beautiful pubs as well. Come here if you don’t like loud places but still want to experience the Dublin pub scene.

The Hairy Lemon – This is a typical Irish pub in Dublin. You will find antique weapons, tickets of old rugby games, wood everywhere, and a cramped downstairs. It’s typical, but it works for most people. Students love this pub, as do those into indie rock and the classics.

McDaid’s – This Irish pub is convenient as it is located right in Dublin center. However, that’s the precise reason why there is always a crowd. People usually come in for a quick bite and a drink, but you should spend some time here to appreciate its art deco interiors loved by artists.

The Gravediggers – This is an interesting Dublin pub. It is next to the huge Glasnevin cemetery, and workers from the cemetery used to come in for a drink here in the old days. The feel and look from that time period has been preserved wonderfully, even to this day.