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Food and traditions in Madrid

MadridThe Spanish cuisine was acquired from various cultural influences that include the Roman, Jewish and Arab traditions.  At the same time every region, town and city adapted their unique spin, like it happens in most countries.  Something is added, something taken away from and so on.  You can be sure that most foods will at one point or another include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beans and ham.  In Madrid one traditional and favored food includes the “jamon”, ham from the Iberian pig.  This type of ham is darker and with a more distinct flavour than usual ham.  The second food to try that is typical of this area is the bull’s tail.  In addition to these you will have the chance to taste local dishes when you go out for drinks.  In Madrid when you order drinks at a bar they will bring you “tapas” too.  “Tapas” are snack foods that will include local preferred dishes.  Something sweet that is also unique to Madrid is churros with hot chocolate.  This is a must try and the oldest and most renowned place to go for this is the Chocolaterìa San Ginés.