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Granada the Best of Andalusia


If  Andalusia is the most beautiful part of Spain, Granada is the most beautiful part of Andalusia: it is a magical city that stands out to the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountain and today we wish to be part of its magic.
As soon as we arrive here, we go to visit the famous fortress of the Alhambra, an architectonic masterpiece where Muslim influences and Christian’s aesthetic meet harmonically.
Here we can spend a lot of hours strolling from the real Alhambra, in all its quarters, to the sequence of courtyards, tree-lined avenues and garden, from the Cathedral, with its numerous chapels, to the Palacio of the Generalife, that extend itself until the mountains.
But we can breathe the true atmosphere of this city into its centre, that we can imagine as a stairway in which every step is like a different city with different origins. In the low part prevails Spain, in its more typical expressions, from the popular culture to the cooking and feast tradition.  After some step we are full immersed into the Arabic world, still today very present, although the Christian colonization, thanks to the vitality of the quarter Muslim -Tzigane of the Albaycìn (opposite to the Alhambra): a triumph of tight and narrow roads, of bloomed courtyards and terraces, of “teterias”, arabesque versions of Turkish baths, but also of particular craftsmen shops.  A splendid holiday spent in the true heart of Spain.